Sandra Millar on non-profit board member recruitment and media exposure on a tight budget

Sandra Millar - founder of Dignity Dreams
Sandra Millar – founder of Dignity Dreams

Welcome to the first non-profit podcast! In these podcasts I will be interviewing leading fundraisers to extract the strategies that make them successful and will provide highlights of the latest fundraising and non-profit management books.

In this first episode I met with Sandra Millar. Sandra has been involved in the local non-profit sector for more than 20 years as an independent fundraising consultant. Most recently she has founded Dignity Dreams – a┬ánon-profit on a mission to provide women with cost effective sanitary products.

During our conversation we covered a wide range of topics such as:

  • What compelled her to start Dignity Dreams
  • How to create wide media exposure for a non-profit on a tight budget
  • Her no-nonsense recruitment strategies for board members
  • How to differentiate your non-profit and sell yourself to donors
  • Her ideas on donor retention, traditional proposal writing
  • And much, much more


Show notes:

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