Profile picHey there. My name is Ninette Mouton Kotzee.

Do you feel overwhelmed at the mere thought of raising funds for your non-profit? Few non-profits have the skills (or interest) for effective fundraising. In fact asking for money can be daunting, time consuming and is probably the least enjoyable responsibility.

What if you never need to fret about fundraising again? Let me show you how to target your fundraising efforts to raise tons of support for your cause. By mastering basic fundraising techniques you can increase the time, resources and your attention to what matters the most to you — making this world a better place. Through the fundraising services that I offer you will gain practical skills that will suit your time and budget.

My background is as a professional fundraiser and research manager, writer, trainer and novice researcher of the non-profit sector. I have completed my undergraduate degree in Publishing and a postgraduate degree in Literary Theory at the University of Pretoria. My interest in fundraising has lead me to attend other short courses such as the Grantsmanship course presented by the University of New Mexico, USA. Currently I am enrolled for an Executive Masters degree in Philanthropic Studies at Indiana University-Purdue University, USA.

I started my career in the fundraising department at the University of Pretoria as a fundraising proposal writer. During this time, I acquired experience in fundraising and earned recognition for my proposal writing skills. I am especially proud of the R28 million donation secured by one of the proposals which I prepared — the largest financial donation the institution received at that point!

Currently I am employed as the Research Grants Manager at the University’s Department of Research and Innovation where I established and manage a division within this department that specializes in raising funds for research.

Since 2009 I have facilitated fundraising training to non-profit organizations and universities in my personal capacity. I am also regularly invited as a speaker at fundraising and higher education conferences.

Based on my qualifications and experience, I offer the following affordable fundraising services that will suit your needs — most of which are for free!

These services include:

  • Practical fundraising workshops
  • Specialized recruitment services of professional fundraisers
  • Interviews with leading fundraisers to learn best practices
  • Summarizing and distilling fundraising lessons from the latest philanthropic-related books

So far more than 300 non-profit organizations and tertiary institutions have attended my fundraising workshops. These organizations, their causes and most importantly their employed fundraisers have inspired me personally and professionally. I remain truly amazed at the passion and dedication portrayed by South African fundraisers and NPOs!

This website – the services offered and information shared – reflect my personal interests in the South African philanthropic sector. I hope that you enjoy the website, but most importantly that you find the information practical and useful to assist you to raise funds for your cause! If you find something useful share it with your colleagues or refer it to another non-profit organizations.

You can also sign up for my monthly email to receive free fundraising resources such as podcasts, book summaries and practical tips. Rest assure. You will not receive any spam. Only great, free content on the latest fundraising trends and resources!